Indiana House Shelves Sunday Alcohol Sales Bill


Indiana will continue its Sunday ban on alcohol sales at retail.

The news comes after a bill to legalize Sunday alcohol sales stalled in the Indiana House. The issue will not be revived during the current session of the General Assembly.

According to the Associated Press:

Republican Rep. Tom Dermody of LaPorte said Tuesday he doesn’t have enough votes for it to pass.

The issue has pitted grocery chains and convenience store owners against liquor stores over proposed restrictions on where alcohol could be displayed and sold.

The House Public Policy Committee adopted an amendment that drew opposition from retailers and support from liquor store owners. The amended bill would force grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores to have a single designated area for beer and wine. Liquor would need to be stored behind a counter at these locations. It also banned self-checkout alcohol purchases.

Big box retailers like Walmart and Kroger have large liquor options for customers and self-checkout lanes where clerks are still required to physically ID customers.

The Indiana Retail Council contends that storing liquor behind a counter would require millions of dollars in remodeling and would ultimately restrict consumer choice.

Indiana is the only state in the country to have a statewide prohibition on Sunday alcohol sales at retail and liquor stores. The ban has been in place for 80 years. Under existing law, alcohol can still be served at bars and restaurants on Sundays.

Image Credit: Amy the Nurse, flickr

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