Primary Day 2015: Polling Place Times and Locations


It’s Primary Day 2015 throughout Indiana. Voters will be going to the polls to select their preferred local candidates for municipal elections. In Michigan, voters will be deciding the fate of Proposal 1, which if approved would increase funding for infrastructure and schools through a sales tax hike from 6 percent to 7 percent.

Polling locations are open in Indiana until 6 pm local time (counties in the Central Time Zone close at 6 pm Central). Michigan’s polls close at 8 pm Eastern.

Indiana voters can find their polling location here. Michigan voters should click here.

Indiana voters will also need a proper government issued ID in order to cast a ballot. Local Bureau of Motor Vehicles offices are open early to assist voters needing to obtain an ID.

An acceptable form of ID includes a photo, the name of the voter, an expiration date, and is either issued by the state of Indiana or US federal government. An Indiana driver’s license, state ID card, military ID or US Passport are acceptable forms of identification in Indiana, as are student IDs issued at a public college that meet the four requirements mentioned above. Licenses that expired sometime after the last election (November 4, 2014) are valid for the purposes of voter ID. However, expired licenses before this date are invalid. Click here for more information on voter ID requirements.

Check the South Bend Voice for results beginning after 6.

Still not sure who to vote for on the local level? Read our Meet the Candidates series. You can find our South Bend mayoral candidate Q&A here. You can find our South Bend city clerk candidate Q&A here.

Image Credit: Erik (HASH) Hersman, flickr

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