Erskine, Elbel, and Studebaker golf courses close in South Bend

Erskine Park Golf Club

South Bend’s three publicly-owned golf courses and clubhouses have temporarily closed due to coronavirus.

Earlier in the week, the Erskine Park course was open to play. They changed check-in to an open-air, walk-through process. But as the number of coronavirus cases has increased locally, nationally, and globally, the city has decided to shut down the Erskine, Elbel, Studebaker courses.

Events in the area and region as a whole have been fast-changing. Indiana’s governor closed dine-in restaurants and bars at the beginning of the week. That announcement was made shortly after Illinois and Ohio took action.

In addition, Ivy Tech closed all of its campuses statewide on Friday evening until further notice. And IUSB and all other IU campuses delayed spring graduation ceremonies.

As for the golf courses, it is not clear at this point when they may re-open for play or even if they will re-open this season. We will keep you updated as we receive more information from the city.

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