South Bend announces 50 violence prevention, youth engagement grant recipients

South Bend has announced that its “Alive” grant program will fund 50 local organizations for violence prevention programs and youth engagement activities, totaling $343,000.

The Office of Community Initiatives is overseeing the grant. It focuses on funding initiatives that mentor young people, help connect them with training and opportunities for employment, and community outreach.

An eight-person selection committee scored and chose the recipients. The committee included Antonius Northern, Kintae Lark, Jan Marable, Maggie Gibney, Shay Davis, Romona Bethany, Moe Scott, and Lari’onna Green.

“I want to thank all of the applicants for their efforts to keep our kids and our community safe,” said Mayor James Mueller. “It’s up to us to break the cycles of violence that we see in South Bend, and I’m excited that the city can empower local organizations to continue their important work or kickstart new initiatives.”

Here are the 50 grant recipients:

  • Rise Up Academy Restorative Justice Initiative
  • Imani Unidad
  • LTIA (Let’s Turn It Around)
  • IMPower Center
  • Mamas Against Violence
  • Transformation Ministries: Iron Sharpens Iron
  • Greater Impact
  • Mentoring Moments
  • Choices for Life South Bend
  • Gentleman & Scholars, Inc.
  • Free Your Wings, Inc.
  • Emaculate Enterprise LLC
  • Connect 2 Be The Change LTD
  • Project Impact South Bend: CUC Community Commercial Kitchen
  • Future Matters
  • Ark Angels, Inc.
  • The Strong Friend
  • RHS Restorative Justice Student Leadership
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • The Beacon Resource Center
  • Justice for Michiana
  • South Bend Chapter Indiana Black Expo, Inc.
  • The Michiana Athletic and Rec. Association
  • Project Impact South Bend, Inc./Sons and Daughters of Destiny
  • Fathers First 2.0
  • Dream Builders Project, Inc.
  • Women’s Outreach Ministries: The Incubator
  • Wright Chosen Ministries
  • MLK Senior Men’s Club
  • No Sleep Neighborhood Group: Studio/Arcade
  • Big Chef Corey’s Junior Chef Program
  • Joe Wingo Group
  • Bully Me Badd
  • Ocean of Opportunity
  • Swella’s Ville
  • IMP Operations LLP
  • Gifted Genius Foundation
  • Ripples In The Water – The Barbara V. Brandy Foundation
  • Scholarworkship
  • Michiana Hub
  • Faith in Indiana: Live Free South Bend
  • Underground Basketball League (UB League)
  • Legendary Era LLC
  • Silence the Violence
  • Eminence Dance
  • Induce My Purpose Inc.
  • Women Entrepreneurs Matter
  • Style Girlz Beauty Salon and Empowerment Station
  • Soldiers Volleyball
  • Ford Strong
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