SpaceHey is a new social media platform with MySpace vibes


SpaceHey allows you to put all your style on your social media profile while connecting with other users like it’s 2006.

Anton Röhm, an 18-year-old student with a passion for the retro world of the internet, came to the conclusion after talking with a group of friends that there is currently no social media network on the internet that allows you to personalize and connect with other people as MySpace did. That’s why last year, Anton made the decision to create SpaceHey, a retro social network focused on privacy and customizability.


If you spent a lot of time online in the mid-2000s, SpaceHey brings back a lot of nostalgic feelings. It was a time that MySpace was at its peak. Hundreds of thousands of different communities subsisted on the same platform, but as if they were each in different worlds. Thanks to the customization MySpace offered with HTML editing, it allowed users to transfer all of their personal flair to their profile.

Remember logging into a profile and having your music play in the background, discussing blog posts, connecting with people from other countries, having Tom be your first friend, meeting emerging artists, and viewing profiles of famous artists? MySpace was a social media network that was impressive for how well-crafted it was, a product of its time. So much so that it was an inspiration for many of today’s social media networks.

A social media platform that goes back to its roots

Although the young student was only two years old when MySpace was in use, Anton says he has done a lot of research on the social media network. He claims that there is currently no online space comparable to the MySpace of 2005 to 2008. That’s why with SpaceHey he’s looking to bring back all the things you missed most about social networks: Bulletins, Blogs, Forums, Instant Messaging, and more.

SpaceHey is betting that the customization it provides to each user in the creation of their profile will lead to its success. SpaceHey allows you to add custom HTML and CSS Code to your profile to give you all the freedom you need to make your profile truly your space on the web. However, users who do not have a lot of experience using these two programming languages can easily use templates created by SpaceHey developers and users.

Privacy is the key

In an online world where your data and information is at risk day after day, social media has aroused a lot of fear in a large group of users. Ensuring data privacy is nowadays a basic right in some countries. In the United States, where privacy protections are weak, social networks are adapting to the demands of users.

Despite being less than a year old, the social network already hosts more than 200,000 users offering them a safe space where their data and information is not at risk, allowing them to focus on interacting with their friends, and meeting new people on SpaceHey. At least that’s what the company is telling the public.

If you’re interested in the concept of a modern-day take on Myspace, you can check out SpaceHey here.

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