NFL Settles $765M Concussion Lawsuit with Retired Players

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A federal judge today approved a $765 million class action lawsuit settlement between the NFL and retired players. The settlement agreement will help pay for medical care for players who suffered concussions during their time in the NFL. Some 4,500 players took part in the lawsuit.

Several high-profile players took part in the class action lawsuit. The players alleged that the NFL misled them about the dangers involved with concussions. Former Miami Dolphin Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino joined the lawsuit last month. Quarterback Jim McMahon, who won a Super Bowl with the Chicago Bears, is also among the litigants. McMahon suffers from dementia.

“This is an extraordinary settlement for retired NFL players and their families — from those who suffer with neuro-cognitive illnesses today, to those who are currently healthy but fear they may develop symptoms decades into the future,” lead attorneys Christopher Seeger and Sol Weiss said after the announcement.

CNN reports that the settlement will provide “eligible retired players with baseline neurological exams and include monetary awards for diagnoses of ALS, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and early and moderate dementia.”

No cap has been placed on the amount of funds paid for players’ care. Claims can be made and paid in full for up to sixty-five years.

In June, the judge cast doubt on the Monetary Award Fund’s (MAF) ability to pay full benefits throughout its lifetime. The MAF is being established to award funds to the affected players.

“Even if only 10 percent of retired NFL football players eventually receiving a qualifying diagnosis, it is difficult to see how the Monetary Award Fund would have the funds available over its lifespan to pay all claimants at these significant award levels,” the judge wrote at the time.

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