Less is More: Smart Streets Coming to Jefferson Boulevard


We’re experiencing the transition to smarter streets here on Jefferson Boulevard this summer. All together, it will be several months of construction chaos. Here’s why we think it is worth the trouble.

  • Less road is more sidewalk which means more shared space for our community.
  • Less channeling automobiles rapidly through our downtown, means more time to smell the roses (and shop, and eat, and play).
  • Less chances of accidents means more space for pedestrians and bicyclists to travel safely.
  • Less runoff and storm sewer overloads, with the use of more permeable surfaces and functioning drainage systems.
  • Less hot concrete in summer thanks to more shady trees.

Yes, it’s true we have had less sales dollars, but we have also had more cooperation with neighbors, city workers, construction workers and South Bend lovers.*

What about abundance, though? Less seems stingy, doesn’t it? What I’ve learned, is that it doesn’t have to be. By letting go of more, more, more, and thinking in terms of simple solutions, we really do find that abundance. But, first, we have to let go.

*Thanks to DTSB for their ongoing efforts to organize events like First Fridays, to Matthews LLC and friends for organizing the amazing East Bank Challenge, and to Ali Oesch for coordinating our recent sidewalk days.

Want to get involved? Just let us know [email protected].

Becky Reimbold is a dreamer and proprietor of Just Goods, usually found behind the counter weekdays before 3pm and Saturdays.

This article was originally published on The State of South Bend’s website. It was re-published with permission.


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