St. Joseph County Democratic Party Seeks Paid Poll Workers for Election Day

Election Officials Take Their Oath

The St. Joseph County Democratic Party is looking for more poll workers. The party sent out an email request Tuesday asking for members to fill in available slots for Election Day, which is now only six weeks away. There are still 150 more workers needed.

Poll workers will receive formal training and compensation of $85.50 for the day. Polling stations are open from 6 am until 6 pm on November 4.

The party is accepting poll workers who are 16 years or older. Anyone 18 or older must be registered to vote. Students who miss school will receive passes.

The poll worker openings are across South Bend, Mishawaka and in non-incorporated areas of St. Joseph County.

Anyone interested should call Voter Registration at 574-235-9521. Ask for a Democratic Party member (Mary Beth, Dawn, Samantha, or Sharon).


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