Notre Dame Extends Benefits to Married Same-Sex Couples


The University of Notre Dame made a groundbreaking announcement via email to its employees on Wednesday. The Catholic university is extending benefits to same-sex spouses. The news comes during the same week that the Supreme Court effectively legalized same-sex marriage in Indiana and ten other states.

Notre Dame’s employee email cited Indiana law, which now recognizes same-sex marriage. According to the email, the university “will extend benefits to all legally married spouses, including same-sex spouses.”

“Notre Dame is a Catholic university and endorses a Catholic view of marriage. However, it will follow the relevant civil law and begin to implement this change immediately,” the university added.

As we reported on Tuesday, St. Joseph County has begun issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The Supreme Court’s decision to not take up Indiana’s appeal meant that it was the end of the road for the state’s ban. Not even a state constitutional amendment — as some Republicans had pushed in the state legislature earlier this year — could overturn the ruling.


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