Gavin Ferlic Makes Re-Election Bid to South Bend Common Council Official


First-term Councilman Gavin Ferlic is running for re-election to the South Bend Common Council.

“If elected to a second term, Ferlic will continue his dedication to economic development, neighborhoods, and public safety,” the candidate said in his announcement.

Ferlic touted his support for “successful economic development and neighborhood improvement initiatives.”

The Councilman was a supporter of the city’s LGBT equality ordinance — which added sexual orientation and gender identity to the city’s existing anti-discrimination laws in the areas of employment, housing, education and public accommodations.

In his first term, Ferlic also supported the creation of the Riverfront Development District.

“South Bend’s potential continues to grow, and I am incredibly optimistic about our future,” Ferlic says. “Since I have taken office, the city has made great progress in economic development, strengthening neighborhoods, and improving public safety.”

Ferlic is a graduate of Notre Dame and Indiana University – Bloomington, where he received a law degree and MBA. Ferlic is a licensed lawyer in Indiana. Outside of his role on the Council, Ferlic works at the Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Burkhart Advertising.

The Councilman says that he will not accept a salary or city benefits for his position on the Common Council.

Gavin Ferlic represents the city at-large, serving on the Council with his dad Dr. Fred Ferlic.


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