Charlie Hebdo Cover Features Muhammad Shedding Tear


The first edition of the Charlie Hebdo newspaper since last week’s shooting massacre in Paris has been revealed. It depicts an image of the Prophet Muhammad, who is holding a “Je Suis Charlie” sign. A caption above the image says “Tout est pardonne” — “All is forgiven.”

The newspaper is said to be printing over 1 million copies of the latest issue with up to 2 million extra copies being printed depending on demand. The paper typically prints 60,000 copies a week.

Renald Luzier — simply known by his pen name “Luz” — drew the cover. Luz survived the attack due to a birthday celebration that caused him to be late for a meeting at the Charlie Hebdo offices the morning of the shooting.

Millions marched in Paris and across France on Sunday to show solidarity with the victims of the attack. Internet activists took to social media to express their support of free speech and expression rights. #JeSuisCharlie trended on Twitter with over 5 million mentions as of Friday, January 9.

The massacre has sparked a debate globally about freedom of the press, free speech and expression, as well as anti-terrorism measures that have been seen as invasions of citizens’ privacy and potential tools to quell political dissent.

The full size cover is below:



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