City Accepting Lamp Post Requests from South Bend Homeowners

Steet Light intersection

A program to improve street lighting in South Bend is expanding once again. The city’s “Light Up South Bend” program will now include lamp posts in homeowners’ front yards.

The city says that they will install the lamp posts for a one-time non-refundable $250 fee. Extra fees will be charged if wiring is in excess of 50 feet or if there is not a nearby power hookup.

“Residents asked to add more lights to the city and we listened,” says Councilwoman Karen White, who is running for re-election as an at-large member of the South Bend Common Council. “Proper lighting is a critical element of maintaining safe neighborhoods.”

The mayor calls the program both a crime-fighting tool and a way to prevent accidents.

“It’s been a real collaborative effort that has delivered this important service to more South Bend neighborhoods,” Mayor Buttigieg says.

Residents can choose from three different designs in black or rustic bronze. The lamp posts include a sensor to automatically turn on and off at certain times in the day.

The city says that residents who participate will have to maintain their own lamp post and replace the light bulbs. The lamp posts are in addition to existing city streetlights, which are maintained by the city.

As we reported last year, the city began the “Light Up South Bend” program with new streetlights in under-served neighborhoods. The program was implemented in the LaSalle Park and Keller Park neighborhoods in South Bend, as well as to the south side area between Michigan and Miami Streets and Indiana and Donmoyer.

City engineers conducted a study that determined 50 new lights were needed in LaSalle Park, 26 in Keller Park, and 70 in the Riley/Studebaker Golf Course area.

To request a lamp post, the city says that you should call 311. The posts are limited in supply and will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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  • charles crennell says:

    wont the snowplows push that skinny little post over if its that close to the street?