Lunch with the League to Focus on Sustainability


The League of Women Voters is hosting Office of Sustainability director Therese Dorau during a “Lunch with the League” event on Friday.

“Sustainability is a powerful tool for communities – it strengthens the local economy, cuts costs, and creates healthy, vibrant neighborhoods. Citizen engagement is an indispensable component of a sustainable city, so I’m grateful to the League of Women Voters for providing this platform for sharing the goals of our Office,” Dorau says.

South Bend’s Office of Sustainability formed in 2014 to support sustainability initiatives in the city. It is a continuation of the efforts of the Green Ribbon Commission and the former Municipal Energy Office.

The Office of Sustainability looks for ways to reduce the city’s carbon footprint through energy efficiency, renewable energy and transportation projects like Smart Streets. The investments not only increase the quality of life in South Bend, they are also saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

Sustainability Coordinator Krista Bailey told the South Bend Voice last year that savings of $17 million in executed and anticipated savings since the Energy Office was first formed in 2010 as part of the Recovery Act.

The Lunch with the League event will focus on “why sustainability is a powerful tool for any community that seeks to maximize economic growth, environmental health, and social equity.”

The event organizer says that the Sustainability Office’s director “will provide an overview of the goals, initiatives, programs, and challenges of the Office and highlight opportunities for community members to get involved.”

Lunch with the League takes place at noon in the South Bend Chocolate Cafe, located at 122 S. Michigan Street in downtown South Bend. Those looking to purchase lunch should come as early as 11:30 a.m. The event is free and open to the public.

Image Credit: Kyle MacKenzie, flickr

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