Meet the Candidates: Amanda Jean Grove, South Bend Common Council At-Large

Hello! My name is Amanda Jean Grove and I’m running for one of the At-Large seats on the South Bend Common Council. The reason I am running for office is simply because I love our city! I was born here in South Bend and I’m passionate about serving my beautiful home town. Our City is full of wonderful and diverse people that deserve the best public servants to fight for them.

I do hold some liberal, and some conservative views. I believe in being a true representative of the people, and am not indebted to a political party or interest group, only to the people of South Bend. 

I believe that if we focus on economic development, it will help with the issues of crime, homelessness, housing, and of course employment. 

I would also like to focus on infrastructure in South Bend. I’d like to fix our roads, help our schools, and find practical uses for some of the abandoned buildings in South Bend, etc. 

Our homeless and drug/alcohol addicted communities need our attention, and I have plans set in place to help these people. I hope to get enough people on board with building a new detox center, and a tiny home village for our homeless. I have seen this work in other cities and truly hope that we can make it work here!

Public safety is also one of my top priorities, it makes me extremely sad that many of our citizens fear walking through our streets. I too, have been there. I would like to implement an armed auxiliary police force, if possible… I will do everything in my power to make our city a safe, happy place to raise children and live peacefully. 

My campaign slogan is One City, One People, All Voices. So I care about hearing all opinions and concerns, even if they conflict with my own. I will do what I need to do help you. If you live in South Bend, I will represent you, regardless of financial status, race, sexual orientation, gender identification, religion, or political party affiliation.. I will listen to all voices and concerns. Please vote to bridge the divide and unite our city, I promise I will do everything I can to do just that. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this statement. If you have any more questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Phone: 574-302-7778

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Amanda Jean Grove for South Bend Common Council At-Large

Twitter: @AmandaJeanGrove

Meet the Candidates is a series introducing candidates in their own words. South Bend Voice has offered to publish statements from all South Bend office seekers who are on the May 7th primary ballot. Statements are posted verbatim. Find out more about the candidates on the ballot at

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