Comedian John Oliver Does Better Job Explaining Ferguson than the News Media

John Oliver Ferguson

John Oliver spent the better part of his comedy show on Sunday night talking about the killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown and the protests that ensued in St. Louis suburb Ferguson, Missouri. Oliver left no stone unturned, looking at everything from the possible police cover-up to the crackdown on basic constitutional rights and militarization of police departments in cities across the United States. His comprehensive approach to the topic puts to shame the 24-hour cable news networks, which lack substance and context in their reporting, despite having massive amounts of resources at their disposal.

HBO’s Last Week Tonight has proven willing to tackle a host of topics that often go unreported in the mainstream media: from the privatized for-profit prison system to America’s insecure (and wholly unnecessary) 5,000+ nuclear warhead arsenal.

I would rather not spoil his monologue, though. It’s worth watching from start until finish:


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