South Bend Leaf Pickup Begins Today

Autumn Leaves

Autumn is a beautiful season in Michiana. The changing leaves are quite a sight to see.

That crunching sound that you hear under your feet as you walk through the yard also means that it’s time to start raking.

Leaf pickup begins today in South Bend. The city will go from one neighborhood to the next on a set schedule. The city will make two sweeps through each part of the city beginning today and ending on November 20.

See the map and chart below for more details on precise pick-up dates.

South Bend Leaf Pickup 2014

South Bend Leaf Pickup 2014

Also keep these tips in mind:

  • This schedule is established for loose leaf pick up only.
  • Rake leaves to the curb line but avoid raking them into the street, as this will plug the street drains causing them to flood during rain.
  • Avoid parking on top or in front of leaf piles along curb lines, as this hampers crews from collecting the leaves.
  • Do not contaminate leaf piles by putting in sticks, trash, and other debris. The city will not pick these piles up and it will be the property owner’s responsibility to dispose of contaminated piles.
  • Avoid raking leaves to curb lines after crews have finished your street. The city will not return until the next scheduled day in your area.
  • Burning of leaves is totally prohibited and in violation of City ordinance.


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