Chamber of Commerce Endorses South Bend Candidates


The political action committee of the St. Joseph County Chamber of Commerce has expressed its support for candidates seeking local offices in the upcoming May 5th primary election.

The Chamber says that “candidates go through a rigorous process,” comparing it to a job interview.

“The process requires candidates to complete a questionnaire and participate in a formal interview with the Chamber’s Political Evaluation Committee, a bi-partisan group of volunteers from the business community. Scores are compiled during each phase of the process and endorsement recommendations are then presented to ChamberPAC,” the organization adds.

The Chamber stuck to mostly safe picks, backing incumbents in the majority of races where they made an endorsement. They also offered support to two candidates who are running unopposed

Mayor Pete Buttigieg — who has governed with strong support from the business community throughout his first term as he moves to reshape the South Bend economy — was backed for re-election.

The Chamber also endorsed Common Council President Tim Scott, who is running unopposed.

The only major race where the Chamber of Commerce declined to endorse a candidate was the city clerk race between Councilman Derek Dieter and Chief Deputy Clerk Kareemah Fowler. The Chamber says that they would like to see the clerk position become one by appointment. However, the state legislature would need to approve such a change.

Below, we have a list of endorsements from the St. Joseph County Chamber of Commerce:

Mayor of South Bend – Pete Buttigieg (D-incumbent)
Common Council 1st District – Tim Scott (D-incumbent)
Common Council 2nd District – Gil Michel (D)
Council 3rd District – Randy Kelly (D)
Council 4th District – Jo Broden (D)
Council 5th District – Dave Varner (R-incumbent)
Council 6th District – Oliver Davis (D-incumbent)
Council At-Large – Gavin Ferlic (D-incumbent), Tom Price (D), Karen White (D-incumbent)

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