VIDEO: New Star Wars Trailer Features Han Solo, Chewbacca


The latest Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer is out and already setting the Internet on fire.

The two minute trailer gives a nod to long-time fans with the first appearance of Harrison Ford as Han Solo alongside fan-favorite Chewbacca.

Immediately after the release of the trailer, “Star Wars” began to be the top trending topic on Twitter.

As the Daily Beast reports:

Director J.J. Abrams and a host of Force Awakens cast members — including Star Wars OGs Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels and Peter Mayhew — appeared at a live Star Wars Celebration event in Anaheim, Calif., to unleash a flood of new details about the highly anticipated sequel.

The film will debut in theaters this Christmas. For more information on the new trailer and the movie, check out Daily Beast’s write-up.

In other Star Wars news, Electronic Arts is set to debut the first trailer for the Star Wars Battlefront video game reboot tomorrow at 1:30 pm Eastern Time. The trailer will be available at

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