REVIEW: The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild

If you are looking for a little movie magic this weekend, The Call of the Wild (2020) fits the bill nicely. It is a solid adaptation of Jack London’s 1903 novel, which you may remember from middle school.

The film follows the incredible journey of a canine pup named Buck who is called to the wild after being kidnapped from his well-kept home. Director Chris Sanders takes viewers on a heart-stopping journey through the wilderness. It’s an adventure that the whole family can enjoy.

The Call of the Wild presents us with an original insight into the inspirational life story of a St. Bernard / Scotch Collie. The opening scene introduces us to a naughty, domesticated puppy who is raised out of a loving family in California.

Ed. note: The rest of this review contains some key plot details.

However, his overindulgent lifestyle is rather quickly turned upside-down. In a turn of misfortune, Buck is kidnapped and shipped far away: over the Canadian border to the wild outdoors. Alternatively, he is now at the hands of his own destiny and of the people he meets.

Enter Harrison Ford, who plays Thornton. Ford’s character appears throughout the film as a symbol of good fortune assisting Buck in times of need. He also captivates us with his powerful narration.

Thornton and Buck build a close friendship and bond later in the film. Eventually, they settle out in the wilderness of Canada’s great forested mountains, which serves as a breathtaking backdrop for this gripping adventure. So without spoiling too much of the plot, Buck’s destiny is torn between two very different types of love. On the one hand, he has his connection to Thornton. However, on the other hand, the allure of living freely in the wild amongst wolves is tantalizing.

This is a memorable tale of a dog thrown out of domesticated life only to find inner strength in the wild. The epic landscape and extraordinary visual effects allow us to connect with our canine protagonist like never before. This spiritual and enlightening journey through tragedy and glory will have you on the edge of your seat.

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