Meet the Candidates: Tim Scott, South Bend Common Council District 1

During my two terms serving on the Common Council, I have found my 25 years of international business and management an invaluable tool to move South Bend forward. I have been humbled to be elected as the Common Council President by my peers, for the past 5 years.

In the eight years as the 1st District Representative, I have focused on quality-of-life and public safety issues. I will continue to advocate for all neighborhood residents to be heard, give concerns and issues my attention, and use my position to move forward legislation that will be beneficial for all in South Bend.  Listening is only part of the job, the other part is taking what is heard, working with citizens, city officials, and stakeholders to craft data driven long-lasting solutions which improves the lives of our residents.

Despite the violent crime rate being down, one incident is one too many. I feel a variety of prevention and intervention strategies need to be employed to reduce violent crimes, such as increased education, opportunities to gain employment and reduce poverty that leads to criminal activity. My strategy will involve the partnership of not only city departments, but a variety of stakeholders that run programming to support and build up at risk families; who just need a second chance. I support creative community partnerships to end violent crime.

I support a greater emphasis on making neighborhoods stronger with a place for all.  Right now, there is a gap in housing; missing quality housing for lower to moderate income renters and homeowners. It is difficult to find quality move in ready units.  I will advocate for right-sized housing so that those that want to live in our neighborhoods have more options. I will encourage a variety of new construction and rehabilitation options; such as two and four family flats and compact priced-right homes.  I will work to create a program with the department of Community Investment to add quality housing for all income levels, working to address the missing opportunities for middle income housing.

I will continue to advocate for a strong local economy that supports job and population growth in South Bend, knowing that to produce the jobs our community needs, we need to support building a diverse workforce and encourage small business development. In my eight years on council, I have had the opportunity to support $26 million in city investments and incentives which attracted over $168.1 million in private investment and 497 new jobs in the 1st District. This is an example of the types of investment I will support.

I ask for you to vote for me, Tim Scott on May 7th, because I have the proven leadership and experience. There is much more work to do, challenges to face head-on and positive momentum to maintain. I would be honored to have the privilege to work side-by-side with you for another four years.

Meet the Candidates is a series introducing candidates in their own words. South Bend Voice has offered to publish statements from all South Bend office seekers who are on the May 7th primary ballot. Statements are posted verbatim. Find out more about the candidates on the ballot at

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