No Future will hit theaters and VOD this month

No Future

Hearts are broken, old wounds are reopened, and secrets are uncovered, but only through each other can they cure the scars of their pasts and rebuild their broken lives.

Gravity Venture announced today that No Future, a film written and directed by Andrew Irvine and Mark Smoot, would be released in theaters and on VOD throughout the country in October.

Join Will and Claire as they heal their past

No Future presents itself to us Will’s story, played by Stranger Things‘ Charlie Heaton. It is about a recovered addict who now lives a calm, stable existence. He has a career, goes to NA meetings, and has a loving and understanding girlfriend. But underneath this mask is a person plagued by a difficult history, one that comes to light when an estranged buddy overdoses and dies.

Will goes home, haunted by guilt, to a place he’s fought so hard to leave behind, where he reunites with Claire, played by Academy Award nominee Catherine Keener, his friend’s heartbroken mother. Claire carries herself with calm strength, concealing her grief and fury from the world because the death of her son, as well as the responsibility she lays on herself, weighs heavy on her spirit.

Will and Claire are linked by their shared pain and regret, and the friendship that develops between them reveals aspects of themselves that have been concealed from the rest of the world. Despite the fact that the past’s wounds are still there, we will see Will and Claire heal those wounds and rebuild their broken lives in No Future.

No Future will be released in theaters across the country and VOD on October 22.

Watch the trailer for No Future down below!

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