Over 400 Star Wars Fans Made an Empire Strikes Back Remake

Star Wars Darth Vader

Star Wars fans are a dedicated group. Perhaps not as fanatical as Star Trek… but close.

Four hundred and eighty different fans came together to make a full shot-for-shot remake of The Empire Strikes Back. This may be one of the most impressive fan-made projects that we have seen to date.

The fan film, which is over two hours long, includes some voice work and music from the original film. But most of it is redone through original voice work, costumes, artwork, set designs and animation.

The fan film includes 15 second clips, which are stitched together in a (mostly) seamless feature length film for YouTube.

While it lacks consistency, the mixture of media techniques is decidedly unique. There are live action scenes, computer-generated characters, puppets, hand-drawn stop-motion, video games — pretty much the whole gamut of story-telling styles in film.

This is actually the second film in the fan series, which is officially backed with the support of Lucasfilm. A few years ago there was a re-creation of Star Wars: Episode IV. The critical reception to that remake led to the latest version, which included thousands of entries. The person who pieced all of those disparate entries together — Casey Pugh — came back to make the second remake.

Watch the full feature length remake of The Empire Strikes Back Uncut below:

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