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It is not very often that every leading character in a Hollywood blockbuster is a scientist. Scientists are typically portrayed derisively wearing white lab coats and thick glasses. They may even have a devious plot or ignorantly enable a villainous mastermind to bring about a global catastrophe.

Scientists are the heroes in Interstellar.

Earth is on the brink of collapse. The only hope for humanity’s future is utilizing our own minds.

It’s a pleasant departure from Hollywood’s worn-out anti-science schtick.

Sure, Interstellar will get dinged for having a science-heavy plot and a few nonsensical plot holes. [Ed. note: If you have already seen the film, Neil deGrasse Tyson pokes holes in the science and the logic of the movie on his Twitter account, although it should be noted that he found it to be quite accurate.] Matthew McConaughey — who is more famous for rom-coms than Oscar-worthy material, and more recently, awkward Lincoln car commercials — is probably not the strongest choice for a humanity-saving astronaut.

But Christopher Nolan’s space epic does so many things right that it is worth watching in theaters. The cinematography and set designs are exceptional. No green screen. Equally impressive is the the level of seriousness offered to scientific theory that you almost never find in a mainstream blockbuster. It’s also worth noting that the killer soundtrack from Hans Zimmer will give you chills.

The bottom line is that Interstellar is just a fun movie to watch. Go see it while it is still in theaters.

Verdict: Recommended

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