Oliver Davis Not Seeking Another Term as Council President


South Bend Common Council President Oliver Davis said this morning that he will not seek re-election as president. Davis had previously served 6 years as vice president.

“Since being elected to the South Bend Common Council, I served as the Vice President (front passenger’s seat) for six years and the President (driver’s seat) for the past year. During my portion of our journey in the driver’s seat, the President, we as a South Bend Common Council have worked together to accomplish many positive actions for our City of South Bend,” Oliver Davis said in a statement.

The Councilman touted his work at the head of the Council with a list of 16 separate accomplishments, pointing to a balanced budget, new animal care and control laws, and the attraction of jobs to the city, among others.

Davis, who is seeking re-election to the Council in the 6th District, will remain on the Council.

The South Bend Common Council is set to vote on its officers tonight during a brief organizational meeting. The current officers are President Oliver Davis, Vice President Derek Dieter and Committee of the Whole Chair Valerie Schey. All three positions will be up for a vote.

The first full Common Council meeting of the New Year will be Monday, January 12 at 7 pm.


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