List of Announced South Bend Common Council, Clerk and Mayoral Candidates in 2015

South Bend St. Joseph County City Building

Election 2015 is in full swing with primary day just under five months away. The 2015 cycle will see all elected municipal offices on the ballot. The field of candidates appears to be mostly settled at this point, although there is still time for more announcements to be made, particularly among incumbents who have not announced their intentions for re-election.

South Bend Voice has provided coverage of candidate announcements as they have been made. Our goal is to inform readers of their choices and provide candidates with a forum to introduce themselves. In the weeks and months ahead, we hope to individually interview candidates with policy questions that are important to the people of South Bend.

We have compiled a list of the candidates for South Bend city offices in 2015 who have announced thus far. We will continually update the list as more candidates make their plans public.

You can find out what Common Council district you live in on the city’s website at

District 1

Tim Scott (D-incumbent)

District 2

Gil Michel (D)
Kelvin Poindexter (D)
Regina Preston (D)

District 3

Rod Goodchild (D)
Randy Kelly (D)

District 4

Jo Broden (D)

District 5

Robert Emery (D)

District 6

Oliver Davis (D-incumbent)
Sheila Niezgodski (D)


Jerry Donaldson (D)
Gavin Ferlic (D-incumbent)
Lori Hamann (D)
Kintae Lark (D)
Tom Price (D)
John Voorde (D)
Karen White (D)


Pete Buttigieg (D-incumbent)
Henry Davis Jr. (D)
Kelly Jones (R)

City Clerk

Derek Dieter (D)
Kareemah Fowler (D)


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