Morris Performing Arts Center Recognized as Top 100 Theater Worldwide


The Morris Performing Arts Center is receiving national accolades as it ranked #85 in the 2014 list of “Top 200 Worldwide Theatres” based on ticket sales of nearly 80,000. The Morris has been included on the list since 2000.

“We are thrilled to again be in the Top 100 venues this year,” says Dennis Andres, executive director of the Morris. “This reaffirms that the Morris is a major player in the world of performing arts and concert entertainment.”

The Morris ranks as the top theater in Indiana, outranking nearby theaters in Bloomington and Fort Wayne.

In comparison, the Chicago Theatre and the Theater at Madison Square Garden netted approximately 300,000 tickets sold at their respective venues in two of the largest markets in the US. Radio City Music Hall in New York City — the top theater venue in the United States — had over 1 million tickets sold in 2014.

The Morris — which was originally built in 1922 and restored in the late 90s as part of a $17 million renovation project — has over 2,500 seats. The venue typically holds around 90 performances each year, including concerts, stand-up comedy, musicals and other performances.

The list is compiled by the concert industry’s leading trade magazine, Pollstar. You can find the full list on their website.

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