#WhiteCoatsforBlackLives: Medical Students Stage Nationwide Die-Ins

#WhiteCoatsforBlackLives: Medical Students Stage Nationwide Die-Ins

Medical students at universities across the United States held dramatic die-in protests on Wednesday to show their solidarity with a growing protest movement against police brutality and other forms of systematic inequality taking place in low-income areas and communities of color nationwide. Dubbed #whitecoatsforblacklives, the coordinated demonstrations allowed students to add their unique perspective to…

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Is South Bend Really 3rd Unhappiest City in US? An Analysis of Harvard’s Unhappy Cities Study

Many of you might have woken up yesterday to some pretty surprising news. Local media outlets in the South Bend area reported on a new Harvard study that purports to show that our community is the third unhappiest in the United States. (For those curious, the researchers claim that New York City is the unhappiest…