US Cities Increasingly Criminalize Sharing Food with Homeless

US Cities Increasingly Criminalize Sharing Food with Homeless

As the number of U.S. cities criminalizing sharing food with the homeless continues to rise as a result of burdensome requirements on food pantries and individuals, rights groups are condemning the cities for their focus on punishment over solutions. A report released Monday by the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) found that ordinances which…


Undocumented Workers Contributed $100 Billion to Social Security in Past Decade

Undocumented workers are not eligible to receive Social Security benefits, but a new report shows that they paid over $100 billion into the program over the past decade. Unauthorized workers are paying an estimated $13 billion a year in Social Security taxes and only getting around $1 billion back, according to a senior government statistician….

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Marijuana Legalization Just Got a Big Boost

The New York Times is the first major national media outlet to call for an end to the prohibition of marijuana. “It took 13 years for the United States to come to its senses and end Prohibition, 13 years in which people kept drinking, otherwise law-abiding citizens became criminals and crime syndicates arose and flourished….